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Le 12-01-2017 à 19:39:10

Avatar MofsDisa

Scrappy, the weightlifting bloke you met who told you to join my defence class, is my son, and that scrawny woman in the ridiculous high heels is my daughter. That handsome young man is my grandson, her son, and everyone else is an aunt, uncle, cousin or… he spread his hands and smiled.
buy cake online I can push you after school and Leo can come and pick you up.
Did you start shouting abuse at Clive? No. Did you shove Fystie into the sand? No. Did you attack Clive and throttle him? No. Were you deliberately being nasty to him or were you protecting Fystie when you ran into the water and made him so angry he followed you? Did you force him to wear those death trap shorts? No. Who did? His parents. So if anyone is to blame for the kids death, its his parents who taught him nothing of value and created a monster the world is well rid of.

Le 08-05-2018 à 11:20:31

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